ICFF: The Cat Litter Box Meets Clever Modern Design

ICFF: The Cat Litter Box Meets Clever Modern Design
Design & Architecture
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 18 may 2009

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is known for presenting the latest designer furniture, lots of it expensive to buy. This year we were impressed by a collection of designers showing common, overlooked products that they have rethought and designed from a new angle. The Modkat litter box is probably our favorite. Brett Teper and Rich Williams of ModProducts, a brand new NYC-based design company have been working on the project for the past two years before the debut this past weekend.

Brett told us they really tried to catalog all the problems cat owners experience using typical litter boxes like the difficulty in cleaning, the excess litter the cat tracks out of the box, and the general ugly appearance. Their solution really does a great job of elevating both form and function.

The modern design is meant to compliment any room instead of being hidden away. Its enclosed box shape and “rooftop access” provides cats the privacy needed to do his or her business. There are lots of thoughtful details integrated into the design.The rooftop has a perforated, non-skid surface that doubles as a litter catcher eliminating the need for an external matt and saves precious floor space. Stray kernels fall back through the holes or gravity gets them when the top is swiveled open for litter scooping. When lifted straight up, the rooftop pulls free from the base and gives full access to the eco-friendly reusable litter liner for easy cleaning. The rooftop also locks keeping nosey pets and curious kids at bay.

The base has non-skid feet that prevents the Modkat from sliding around.  An ergonomic scoop with incorporated brush is included and stores neatly on the side.

Brett said the Modkat will be available in late-summer of ’09.


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