4 Innovative Art & Technology Projects from the ITP Spring Show 2009

4 Innovative Art & Technology Projects from the ITP Spring Show 2009
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Francisco Hui
  • 12 may 2009

We covered the ITP: Winter Show (and Part 2) several months ago, and yesterday at the ITP Spring Show, graduate students featured more inventive projects mixing art and technology. Here’s a round-up of some projects we found interesting.

Lumarca by Matt Parker
A series of staggered strings that catch the light from a projector, Lumarca adds a third dimension to projected surfaces.

Lumarca Vid1 from Matt Parker on Vimeo.

TUUUG-of-War by Nobu Nakaguchi
Tuuug-of-War is a multi-player tug-of-war where participants use their voice to compete. The louder you yell “tug” the harder your character pulls the rope. Groups of six people can dial in to a specific number and play at one time.

Mud Tub by Tom Gerhardt
Mud Tub is an organic interface using wet dirt to provide tactile feedback. As users manipulate the surface through digging, piling, or pressing, cameras track the movement from above and weigh sensors detect pressure from underneath. This video demo of Mud Tub includes playing Tetris.

Sophie’s Pet by Alexander Reeder and Diana Costa

Created to remind children of their sitting posture, Sophie’s pet is a sweater with built in sensors to detect when a child is sitting upright or slouching too much. If poor posture is detected, the sweater vibrates to remind the child to sit up correctly.

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