Designer John Brennan recently won the Social Actions Change the Web Challenge for his live map of positive social change going on around the world. Brennan is also the creator of, a site that breaks down small ways to improve life on the planet.

Triple Pundit explains the project:

Every moment of every day, somewhere in the world, people are volunteering, donating, signing petitions, making loans and doing other important social work. But before John Brennan came along, there was no way to visualize this change in progress. Using the Social Actions API, which aggregates social action data from over 50 nonprofit and change organization sources, John has created geographical context around that activity in the hopes of sparking people's desire to join in. His goal is to create a compelling presentation where people can be excited about all of the work that is happening around the world to make it a better place. “A person might discover an interest in helping others abroad and feel a connection with what they're doing by seeing it on the map,” says John. “Seeing a real location plus picture plus the related action goes a long way!”

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