Everything is information and information is everything. It’s the mantra of marketing in an age where people are constantly creating collectible data—all the things we do, say, use, buy, click and share are data points in the graphs of our lives. But in an increasingly visual society, pie charts and bar charts can’t begin to do justice to this wealth of information there is to digest now. Data visualization tools are helping to change the ways we look at information and audiences. While a lot of these are just plain fun to look at, there is far more potential than just painting a prettier picture. Good data visualization communicates information clearly and effectively, where form and functionality work together to tell sophisticated stories, uncover relationships and patterns, and reveal insights that might otherwise go unseen. While many of these tools are, at this stage, more about experimentation than expertise, they are indicators of the near future where we can make much smarter strategic decisions just by finding some cooler ways to crunch the numbers.

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