OFFF Report: Joshua Davis On The Digital Hand

OFFF Report: Joshua Davis On The Digital Hand
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 15 may 2009

Designer and visual artists Joshua Davis stood before the 3,500 strong crowd gather at the OFFF festival on the outskirts of Lisbon to hear how the designer and visual artists mixed technology and craft to create his work. He said that technology played a huge part in the creativity:

“Twenty years ago computing could replicate what the human hand could achieve. Today, technology wielded by artists and designers surpass the human hand. To create my design without a computer would take an eternity – using technology allows me to do things that my hand was incapable of.”

Technology can make infinite patterns he argued and then showed how he relied on programmed random simulation to help create his work. He explained how he reran his art sofware over and over again until it created something that he found beauiful. He added:

“It’s 80% random and 20% me the illustrator.”


As he talked about his projects he singled out his work at Random Assistant where he left chalk by a black and white outline of his work. He watched how people were quicker to participate the younger they were and added:

“Did I care how the work at the end looked? No. I liked the participation. We’ve lived in an enviornment of ‘don’t touch’. Now, we artists want you to participate. F*ck the artwork! It’s about all of us!”

Joshua Davis


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