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Gawker: Microsoft Wants You To ‘Verb Up' And ‘Bing It' Silicon Alley Insider: Best Buy Wants To Fund Your Startup (BBY) Hotel Chatter: Have You Been Charged For Drinking the Coffee In Your Hotel Room? The Sunday Morning Herald: Web filtering pulls plug on euthanasia debate Silicon Alley Insider: Hulu Could Become An Ad Agency, Says NBC CEO (GE, DIS, NWS) Galvin Electricity Initiative F—k the Recession Buzzmachiene: The Journalism Bubble The Hidden Persuader: Does Honesty Sell? Boing Boing: Plastics industry releases anti-cloth-bag FUD study Dark Planneur: En voiture avec Chanel… AVC: The Next Layer Of The Social Media Stack Wishful Thinking: Creative Momentum Workshops in London Fresh&Easy: Keeping it Cool at Fresh&Easy 9.Unlike: [fashion 2.0] E-Tailing Symposium Brand Republic: McDonald's takes on Starbucks in Europe Les Quotidiennes: Changer son adresse IP en un clic pour voir la télé américaine (change your IP address in one click to see American TV) Waxy: Meme Scenery Cologne Commons Music Festival The Consumerist: Brooklyn Heights Postman Lifts With Neither Knees Nor Back AVC: Why Isn't Paypal More Successful? BBC: New York squares cut out the cars BBG: The Case for Working With Your Hands BBC: Toddler buys real digger online BBC: UK ‘worst electrical recycler' Londonist: Macca's House Removed From Google Street View BBC: Brazil floods displace thousands Gigaom: Is Facebook the New Spam Heaven? Trials + Tribulations: Double Dutch Dinosaur Duplex Design Boom: The Flax Project Design by Christien Meindertsma Brand Republic: What can you do to spark a little location-based rivalry? Chris Brogan: What Goes Into a Premium Brand M.I.A. comes out swinging at global brands manufacturing in Sri Lanka

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