How to Sway Users to Google’s Browser

How to Sway Users to Google’s Browser
Anjali Ramachandran
  • 14 may 2009

Following the recent TV ad Google released in the hope of increasing the number of Chrome users across the world, Farhad Manjoo, Slate’s technology columnist, offers the company several useful suggestions. He brings up the fact that an ad as simple as the Chrome one isn’t enough to explain the benefits of a slightly complex product like a web browser. The people who Google needs to target, according to him, are the Firefox fanatics who were glad to switch from Internet Explorer because it reassured them that ‘someone was working to build innovation back into the Web’, given Microsoft’s monopoly over the market till then.

Of course, Chrome does not have an easy task – over two-thirds of the world still use Internet Explorer for the simple reason that it comes built into computers with Windows, and a similar strong-arm tactic adopted by Apple with Macs and their Safari browser seemed to result in a considerable increase in Safari’s market share for them. The model to look at however, is still Firefox, according to Manjoo, because they continue to add users thanks to their clean and continuously improving product offering rather than TV ads.

[Via Slate]

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