Spacebuster is portable, inflatable pavilion that is used to transform public spaces into areas for the community to gather. A bubble-like dome inflates out of the back of a standard delivery truck and organically adjusts to it's surroundings, creating a unique structure that changes with different environments. The Spacebuster was created by German design group Raumlabor.

Storefront for Art and Architecture talks about Spacebuster's recent New York City tour:

From within a hard shell swells the soft bubble, a billowing urban room hatched in the back of a delivery van. This genie in a lamp makes for instant theater, and shows how wind in a bag can make instant architecture. But this is no ordinary pop-up circus tent. Rather than being consumed as entertainment, like a circus act or the dead matter of architecture, Spacebuster consumes its viewers, and they in turn transform it. Touch it, see and be seen through it, drink and debate inside it.

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