The Dos Equis Fictional Celebrity Endorsement Ad Campaign

The Dos Equis Fictional Celebrity Endorsement Ad Campaign
Nicko Margolies
  • 26 may 2009

The latest ad campaign for Dos Equis features a fictional celebrity who holds the title, The Most Interesting Man in the World.  The grizzled man (who is actually 80s TV actor, Jonathan Goldsmith) imparts his knowledge on the viewer in short bursts and the narrator often lists accomplishments reminiscent of fake Chuck Norris facts, but this campaign is most notable for the technique used in pursuing their demographic.

Beer advertisements targeting young male beer drinkers are usually infused with partying, flashy graphics and, of course, sex (much like the events accompanying the campaign).  Dos Equis created an older gentleman as the spokesman and plays a light guitar over each seemingly sophisticated dose of endorsement.  Slate Magazine analyzes the unique ending to each spot,

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the most interesting man, in marketing terms, is his ambivalence toward the advertised product. “I don’t always drink beer,” he says. Whaa? “But when I do,” he adds, almost offhandedly, “I prefer Dos Equis.” Double whaa? Generally, a brand icon will be an all-out cheerleader. Imagine Tony the Tiger admitting that he doesn’t always eat cereal for breakfast, but that when he does, he tends to eat Frosted Flakes, like, most of the time. Doesn’t have quite the same impact as “They’re Grrrrrrreat!”

Slate Magazine: “The Most Interesting Man In The World”

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