The Native Green Project

The Native Green Project
Lourenço Bustani
  • 26 may 2009

Pele Verde (Green Skin) is a branded content project developed by digital advertisement agency age./ISOBAR for Banco do Planeta (Bank of the Planet), an initiative that brings together all the socio-environmental actions of the bank Bradesco.

The preservation of the Amazon is on everybody’s mind, but what does that mean to the peoples of the forest? Pele Verde is a native-generated documentary: ribeirinhos (people who live on the margins of rivers), caboclos (those with mixed Brazilian Indigenous and European descent who generally-speaking live in the forest) and other forest peoples were given the challenge of showing the rest of the world how they lived. For many participants this was their first contact with a digital equipment, not to mention a video camera. The result is a documentary divided into 10 chapters of four minutes each, where the forest natives show how they live, work and what challenges they must face to adapt to a fast changing world. By giving the natives a voice, Pele Verde shows a different perspective on a much discussed theme.

Acknowledging that the interest in the Amazon Forest and its people is not restricted to a Portuguese-speaking audience, an English version of the website was produced. It’s called Native Green Project and hosts all the content found in the original version, with English subtitles. In an attempt to generate further discussion not only about the forest, but also about its native inhabitants, Pele Verde is also present in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube.
[via Pele Verde]

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