The Putting Lot: Urban Mini Golf

The Putting Lot: Urban Mini Golf
Arts & Culture
Dan Gould
  • 28 may 2009

Gothamist reports that an urban mini-golf course will be opening up in Brooklyn this summer, starting on June 6th. “The Putting Lot” will be installed inside a formerly trash-filled vacant lot within the transitional neighborhood of Bushwick. Each of the nine holes of the course are being created by separate teams of artists and architects who will bring imaginative designs to the project. The goal of The Putting Lot (besides fun) is to explore ideas of urban sustainability and community by using abandoned spaces in fresh ways.

They explain:

Unused, underutilized, and otherwise empty spaces are abundant in the industrial area around The Putting Lot. Commercial parking and industrial storage influence the streetscape. However, like many other areas in the city, this area of Bushwick is rapidly changing. The conversion of factories into lofts has brought a new residential population to the area. Art galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops have already begun to appear, indicating that the neighborhood is at a transitional point in its development. The use of empty spaces will play a critical role in the evolution of this neighborhood. Taking advantage of this moment of fluctuation, The Putting Lot explores the possibility of an alternate use for these empty spaces.

Visitors of The Putting Lot will be able to enjoy the nine-hole miniature golf course, get a bite to eat at the snack shack, or simply spend time in the public seating area. Recreation will be the first priority, but visitors will also be able to experience putt putt as a means for embodying and moving through art and ideas.

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