The Wooster Collective Goes to Washington

The Wooster Collective Goes to Washington
Arts & Culture
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 13 may 2009

The Wooster Collective were recently tapped to take part in a conversation at The White House about the role of the arts in our country. Following the discussion, they were given a fresh perspective on the work that they document on their website, seeing art “outside the walls” as symbolic of a necessary shift to remove the barriers in the ways our society currently operates. By redefining our government and institutions as truly public and “for the people”, everything from transportation to healthcare needs to change to meet our new expectations.

And in a more tangible sense, the art is still very much about bettering and making sense of our environments:   

[I]t quickly became clear to us that MANY people understood that graffiti and street art was not about just about vandalism. But rather, that it raises important issues about the need to reclaim our public space; the need for us to affirm our existence on this planet by writing on walls; the need and importance of spontaneous acts of creativity to make our cities more “livable”. And so, so much more.

Wooster Collective: Wooster In The White House – An Explanation

[image via BigAsLife]

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