Time – Bomb: Interactive Graffiti in Sydney

Time – Bomb: Interactive Graffiti in Sydney
Claudia Cukrov
  • 27 may 2009

Created by digital artist Lukasz Karluk, aka Holler and Sydney sculptor/painter Maddi Boyd (KissKiss), TimeBomb is an impressive marriage of street art and digital programing.  Held within Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, TimeBomb will see nine street / studio artists paint the space, one after the other, all documented by time-lapse photography.  The finished product will be two pieces; one the painted wall, the other an interactive projection, allowing viewers to reveal different layers of the wall via physical movement.

Karluk on the technical apects of the project;

The TimeBomb application is based on memo’s fluid dynamics library for openframeworks, ofxmsafluid. It’s a fantastic opensource library that memo has done a lot of amazing things with and I’ve been able to use it as the basis for fluid time distortion.

Interaction input comes from a webcam, the live feed is analysed and used to create ripples in a fluid image. Those fluid values are then applied to the pixels of a video, the pure white pixel (0xFF) equals a pixel taken from the top frame of the video and a black pixel (0×00) equals a pixel taken from the bottom frame of the video, all other shades of grey represent pixels between the first and last frame. Confused? Well hopefully the video of the debug screen will explain it better.

Artist contributing to the art piece include; KissKissDMOTEKid ZoomNumskullBen FrostRoachJohn DoeBennet and Creon.  The sold-out event will be held on May 27th, 8-9pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

[via Creative Sydney]


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