In this interview with Charlie Rose, architect Frank Gehry talks about his life and work. He tells the talk-show host that while considering succession, he’s enjoying working and sharing his knowledge with younger architects, but worries that he hasn’t allowed them to make mistakes and therefore grow professionally.

At one point he gives some insight into his motivations:

I’ve been talking to neuroscientists about [the creative process]. They want to say that if you do square, that’s one thing. If you do round, that’s another. And I say to them, that’s trivial stuff. Go bigger, go further out. Why do we do it in the first place? What’s in it for us? What’s in it for — why are you doing it? You’re doing it because you want to make people happy. You enter these creative fields because you want to play to an audience. It’s what you do. It’s the same thing. We’re looking for some kind of approval from the world around us, and we want to make them happy. When a client comes in and hugs me and says this is fantastic, I love it. Like the concert hall, 100 plus musicians came at me and they did a touch when I walked on stage. It’s rare. That was it. It’s great. It was worth it.

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