72 Rivington Street

72 Rivington Street
Ruby Pseudo
  • 1 june 2009

72 Rivington Street, located in the heart of Shoreditch, East London, is the new physical home of YCN, a multi - purpose space comprising of a public ground floor with a gallery space, a library and a shop, two floors of studio and an area on the rooftop too. Taking inspiration from the form and markings of the original building, a graphic identity for 72 Rivington Street has been created by Eat Sleep Work/Play as the beautiful furniture work  The space has been designed for YCN by the Klassnik corporation, with interiors installed by OKAY Studio and Rob Thuring.

YCN produce initiatives and platforms to display emerging talent; as well as producing design, campaigns and other communication for varied clients. With the ground floor at 72 Rivington Street open to the public, the space aptly offers the opportunity to showcase and present the outcomes of YCN projects alongside other creative work and products. Very much defined by the irregular shapes of the mobile display objects, these crafted pieces fit together like a jigsaw beneath a black board strip that runs the length of the room, displaying the stunning design theme of the interior space.

72 Rivington Street is open on a daily basis from 10am and currently incorporates a free to join lending library with a stimulating collection of interesting readings and publications available to borrow.

72 Rivington Street

Contributed by Tarik Fontenelle


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