We mentioned the creation of Agency Nil recently. And some of you may have heard of Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s latest effort, where they auctioned the services of 40 of their interns for 3 months, via eBay. The winning bid, by Brammo, if anyone is wondering, was $17,655!

Agency Nil has now challenged CP+B, as well as all the losing bidders of the auction. They will complete a project in the same period of time for half the price, i.e $8,827.50, with a caveat that says that if the person who accepts the deal feels the final output is worth more or less, they only need to pay that much, in keeping with Agency Nil’s business model. The first person or client to accept this proposal will get their business, but if more than one bidder surfaces, Agency Nil has enough resources – drawn from top graduate programs and advertising agencies – to do two.

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