Architects Create Pool Noodle Rooftop Party Space in NYC

Architects Create Pool Noodle Rooftop Party Space in NYC
Arts & Culture
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 25 june 2009

INABA architects from LA have designed and installed Pool Noodle Rooftop for the not for profit art group X-initiative. The architects needed to find a light weight, easy to install material to create a large amount of seating for guests.

The furniture has been constructed from pool noodles – the long and cylindrical, foam water floatation toys. The pool noodles have been cut and bunched vertically into chaise lounge and ottoman units of varying heights that accommodate up to 150 people. When viewed from above, the arrangement of buoyant seating material spells out the word, ‘bububluooopppp’ – the sound of something either rising or sinking. At the end of the summer, the furniture pieces will be donated for reuse to local community organizations.


[via archinect]


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