Is California destined to become the electric-motor city of the future? Add Santa Monica based Coda Automotive to the growing list of new eco minded car companies calling the west coast home. Yesterday the company previewed their new affordable all-electric sedan that will go on sale in the California market next year. Coda hopes to be an answer for the need to reduce America’s dependency on oil.

Contrary to other companies like Tesla and Fisker who are working on or have introduced niche vehicles, Coda’s mission is to offer a car that it hopes appeals to the mainstream. The design of the sedan from a purely aesthetic perspective looks to succeed in having a familiar and friendly appearance. You get the impression the management team behind the company is probably a group of eco-nuts and marketing wizards. But President and CEO Kevin Czinger is actually a certified car guy. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with his two older brothers who were local legends when it came to illegal street racing. He worked with his brothers in their backyard shop where he first started to dream about building his own cars from the ground up.

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