Five DIY Publishers That Are Helping Print Live Long

Five DIY Publishers That Are Helping Print Live Long
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 18 june 2009

Reed Pages

reed pages.jpg

Jeff Staple of Reed Space and Staple Design also publishes his ToDarrinHudson site and writes for AkitipIntel too. He recently published Reed Pages magazine to show people, places and things that reflect a “positive way of living life”.

OK Periodicals

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Dutch design company OK-Parking convert themes and content from their blog twice a year into a magazine. The latest issue covered the joy of failure.

Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet


At the end of 2008, British creative minds Ben Terrett and Russell Davies decided to print a thousand newsprint issues of a journal that collected stories, reports, opinions and photos they had collected over the previous year. Ben Terrett has a thorough explanation of the creative process on his site.

Arkitip Intel Supplement Newspaper


Some of the most high-profile creatives and artists already write and contribute for the Arkitip Intel website and the publishers recently asked names like Kevin Lyons to take take that content and make it tactile as a newsprint piece.

A video the Arkitip team put together shines some light on the motivations and spirit of these new wave publishers.

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