Fred Wilson’s Week On Bing

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 22 june 2009

Over on his blog, venture capitalist Fred Wilson writes a report on his findings of spending a week using Microsoft’s new search engine Bing instead of Google search (so the rest of us don’t have to). Probably the most interesting finding is the under-representation of social media (including blogs) in the Bing rankings:

– Bing’s image search is an improvement over Google’s. When I look for an image, in the past, I would go to Flickr first and Google second. In the future, I’ll go to Flickr first and Bing second.

– Bing doesn’t know about social media. If you search Joanne Wilson on Google, my wife’s Gotham Gal blog is the first result. If you search Joanne Wilson on Bing, it’s not even on the first page.

– Bing’s search results feel less “real time” than Google’s, probably as a result from the lack of news links. This is an area both need to work on.

– There’s a lot less paid links in Bing’s service than Google’s.

As a side note: Despite our efforts to feed our sitemap information into the system, PSFK’s listings on Bing still continues to disappoint us. Two of the top 3 listings for a search for PSFK go to dead sites and the next 2 listings go to scraper site PSFK .org.

More: Fred Wilson – My Week With Bing


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