From Cup Holders to Navigation Systems, The Evolution of the Car Interior

From Cup Holders to Navigation Systems, The Evolution of the Car Interior
Design & Architecture
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 29 june 2009

Whether or not you agree with Big Money reporter Matthew DeBord’s assertion that automobile exteriors are approaching some kind of  idealized uniformity – in the pursuit of safety and efficiency – it’s hard to disagree with his claim that the real engineering and design innovations are moving inside our vehicles. And not under the hood either, but into the dashes, center consoles and seat backs as consumers come to expect more out of their cars.

DeBord points to the humble beginnings of the cup holder as his jumping off point as he examines the driving public’s changing relationship with their vehicles and automakers move to meet these needs. No longer viewed simply as a means of conveyance, increasingly people are looking to their cars as extensions of their homes and offices; merging our expectations for connected mobility with a degree of customizable comfort and yes, multiple drink trays. And while the article’s conclusions may not offer any radical insights, revisiting the evolution of the driving experience is a worthwhile exercise, if only to see how far we’ve come.    

The Big Money: Ode To The Cup Holder

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