Kindle’s Not Working: PSFK Sells 1 Subscription

Kindle’s Not Working: PSFK Sells 1 Subscription
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 16 june 2009

PSFK has finally received the first two weeks sales figures of their version of on Kindle. We’ve discovered that a whole one person subscribed to the ‘trial version’ of PSFK. Amazon recently opened up their Kindle platform to allow bloggers to publish and sell their content through the e-retailers site.

During the first two week period of sales we added a button advertising the service to all our newsletters, website pages and RSS feeds – approximately 250,000 impressions. As some of you may remember, I penned the opinion piece ‘Kindle’s Not Working‘ last week and these sales figures surely prove statistically that Amazon’s technology is a failure when it comes to blog publishing and readership. It’s crazy to read that the tech media continues to be deluded about Kindle’s success when even with a 14 day free trial and massive awareness among our readership we can’t muster more than one $1.99 a month subscription.

Sure, the Kindle will remain useful for a group of people but in its current format it will remain small.

PSFK on Kindle

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