Kit Kat Mail: A New Edible Good Luck Charm

Kit Kat Mail: A New Edible Good Luck Charm
Adrian Lai
  • 24 june 2009

Creativity reports that JWT Japan and Kit Kat have won the Media Grand Prix in Cannes with a product/marketing concept called Kit Kat Mail. JWT was struck by the Japanese translation of Kit Kat—Kitto Katso means “surely win”—and the tradition of sending students good luck wishes before tough higher education entrance exams.

So they teamed Kit Kat with the Japan post to create Kit Kat Mail: A post-card like product sold only at the post office that could be mailed to students as an edible good luck charm. Its success was so impressive that Kit Kat Mail soon became part of popular culture and Nestle is keeping it as a permanent product in Japan.


This is the type of advertising we like: Marketing as Product, an inventive collaboration, and some Branded Utility thrown in for good measure!

[via: Creativity]

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