Make Your Own Overpriced Art

Make Your Own Overpriced Art
Arts & Culture
Ruby Pseudo
  • 17 june 2009

Have you ever felt the desire to own your very own majestically crafted art masterpiece, yet been held back due to your restricting budget that falls just that small bit short of the £50M that is required of such a work? Well now the good people at IARTISTLONDON are offering imaginative minded customers the opportunity to do it for themselves, offering the opportunity to build contemporary masterpieces of their own, both affordably and easily. With these DIY sets including Damian Hirst’s skull, and a Banksy stencil and spray kit, IARTISTLONDON have not only offered a nice creative way of making things, but they have also allowed for an ever so slightly satirical look at the world of much sought after art pieces. Available from vending machines around London for just £9.99, beat the credit crunch with these fantastic high art DIY sets.

i Artist London

Contributed by Tarik Fontenelle

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