Obviously technology connects us in many complex ways, each one worthy of lengthy study. For brevity's sake, I’ve assembled powerful visual snapshots of each level of connectivity thanks to many wonderful thinkers, companies and artists, each of whom are credited. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but it aims to provide an overall sense of our multi-faceted connectedness so that we may better understand our changing roles as individuals and marketers.

x1 Visualizing Networks on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace Building on a study by The Social Computing Laboratory at HP Labs, Brian Solis wrote a great post in which he visualized his Twitter network. The image on the left shows his outbound communication network at a given moment, while the image on the right shows the inbound. So complex and fluid are these networks that they are only measurable in snapshots as new ideas, content and context constantly morph the network in all directions.

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