PSFK’s Only Kindle Subscriber Replies

PSFK’s Only Kindle Subscriber Replies
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 18 june 2009

Shamus left a message in the comments section of the post where we shared news that in the first 2 weeks of sales of PSFK’s content on Kindle only one person subscribed. Shamus says he’s that one person and says:

This is sad so I am the only person to subscribe. That is just sad. I can say that I love it. But the power of one is never strong. I do love my Kindle but that is mainly cause I am on the road 3 to 4 days a week and not having to carry around books with me everywhere is nice.

I must say on one side that kindle out side of the device has impressive service options. IMO it is even a better content distrobution tool then iTunes. The use of the cloud to link content across multiple devices is incredible. Also the abilty to shop on the site on my computer at work and send books to my Kindle at home or my IPod touch, plus the page tracking is even cooler. Honestly once i got my Kindle is was a bit of a Aurthur C Clark moment. It was like magic. Would you like to jump to the page last read on your IPod Touch. Just cool.

Kindle’s Not Working: PSFK Sells 1 Subscription
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