Racy Life-Drawing Classes: The Keyhole Sessions

Racy Life-Drawing Classes: The Keyhole Sessions
Arts & Culture
Dan Gould
  • 17 june 2009

Combining elements of a burlesque show with a life-drawing class, Toronto’s Keyhole sessions offer a new kind of artistic educational entertainment. This drawing class uses edgy, (sometimes) costumed models to bring an element of debauchery to practicing art skills.

They explain:

Tired of the stuffy standard fare that is the traditional life drawing class? Come look through the keyhole, and you’ll see that’s not the case here. Our models are often partly costumed and come with attitude. Think angel wings and tutus, burlesque corsets and riding crops, army boots and steam punk goggles, all wrapped around models who are there to have as much fun as the artists. If that’s not enough to turn your creative crank, some sessions will see our models exquisitely wrapped in shibari-inspired rope bondage. For those unfamiliar with this art, look it up and then come to our class to witness this beautiful craft up close.

The Keyhole Sessions


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