Sonar Kids: An Electronic Music Festival for Families

Sonar Kids: An Electronic Music Festival for Families
Arts & Culture
Dan Gould
  • 30 june 2009

The first edition of Sonar Kids took place recently as part of the Sonar 2009 International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. Where a few hours earlier there were people dancing and drinking, the next morning there was an invasion of strollers, pacifiers, diapers and children holding their parent’s hands.

Sonar Kids mixes the party atmosphere of an electronic dance music show with the family-friendly character of a carnival. The event is full of music-related activities to keep children entertained. DJ classes, beatboxing, a hip hop master dance class, modern portraits drawn by Jordi Labanda, illustration workshops, LEGO buildings, puppets and fingerskateing are all offered to occupy kids while their parents enjoy music by artists such as Laurent Garnier,  Puppetmastaz and Raster Noton.

Sonar Kids

Contributed by Daniel Camprubi


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