Sparkle Labs DIY Electronics

Sparkle Labs DIY Electronics
Arts & Culture
Sam Biddle
  • 17 june 2009

New York’s Sparkle Labs is the brainchild of Ariel Churi and Amy Parness, who graduated from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program in 2005. Since then, they have used their company to spread the DIY spirit in the form of hands-on, flexible electronic project kits that encourage an interesting mix of experimentation and free play within the confines of science. Their current product release is the Discover Electronics Kit. The 130 part kit contains components that will allow both adult and young tinkerers to explore the electronic fundamentals behind everyday circuits, or simply make LED-based art.


In addition to these commercial kits available on their online store, Sparkle Labs works on more conceptual products, such as their Squeeze Me biofeedback pillow, which responds to certain physiological indicators with a combination of coordinated light and vibration. The whimsical pillow is as visually appealing as it is functional, and embodies Sparkle Labs’ determination to promote the union of “art, craft, and science,” that “empowers people to access and experiment with new, often inaccessible technologies.”

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