UK Designer Plans Animal Highrise

UK Designer Plans Animal Highrise
Design & Architecture
Sam Biddle
  • 9 june 2009

A small team of British architects is hoping to bring native fauna back to Leeds, where the chirping of birds and other native wildlife has all but disappeared. There solution is a profoundly vertical artificial habitat they hope will coax the waning and dispersed animal population into returning to areas in which they once flourished. The towers, planned stand 40 feet high and constructed entirely of recycled materials, would provide homes for birds, butterflies, bats, and even foxes, the team hopes. Some aspects of the plan, however, remain unresolved:

“I’m not an animal expert, if it goes further we’d need to get a wildlife expert on board… to see exactly which ones eat the other ones. There’s a food chain there…It would evolve from there… there may be a few extra design factors to take into account. This is a concept.”

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