Watershed: The Burdens of Our Consumption of Bottled Water

Watershed: The Burdens of Our Consumption of Bottled Water
Arts & Culture
Ruben Sun
  • 17 june 2009

As a follow up to last year’s “Urban Tumbleweeds” art installation at Burning Man, this past weekend, as a part FIGMENT, New York based design studio MSLK has assembled a new eco-art project entitled Watershed.

Watershed is composed of 1,500 plastic water bottles (the number of bottles consumed every second in the United States), strung from a tree—perhaps arranged symbolically pointing to our consumption’s burden on the earth. The downsides to bottled water have been well documented; from the energy and resources required to producing and transporting the bottles, to the pollution and waste resulting from the whole process, and that’s not even to mention the the toxins emitted from the BPA plastic used in bottled water. At 1,500 bottles consumed a second in the US, 50 billion water bottles or 900,000 tons of plastic waste are generated over the course of a year—that’s about as heavy as 2.5 Empire State Buildings put together in plastic waste!

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