Web-browsing Public Stares Blankly While Questioned by Google

Web-browsing Public Stares Blankly While Questioned by Google
Sam Biddle
  • 19 june 2009

As part of the marketing drive to push downloads of its Chrome browser, Google has been creating a series of promotional videos and releasing them on their YouTube channel. One recent video, however, offers a fascinating—though perhaps not methodologically ironclad—piece of 21st century web anthropology, questioning people in Times Square as to their preference in browsers. While it’s a safe assumption that the PSFK-reading demographic not only knows what a browser is but most likely has sound reasons for their choice, fewer than 8% of those questioned by Google’s man on the street even knew what a browser is. Interestingly, many of those interviewed considered ‘browser’ and ‘search engine’ synonymous—no doubt ironically having something to do with Google Search’s own massive ubiquity.

Watch the full video below.

[via Mashable]

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