10 Eco-Innovations From Around The World

10 Eco-Innovations From Around The World
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Ebba Akerman
  • 2 july 2009

Foot Pump Phone Chargers

Festival goers at Glastonbury, in the U.K., can charge their cell-phones through using a standard airbed foot pump, the type normally found all over festival sites. The Orange Gotwind power pump’s turbine is rotated at speeds of up to 2000 rpm from the air flow generated by the foot pump, this turbine then directly drives the small but powerful alternator. A 5 minute phone call will require approximately 1 minute of foot pumping.

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Green Applications

T-Mobile introduces Green Perks, a free downloadable application that delivers exclusive discounts on green products and services directly to your phone. Just scroll through the offers on your phone, flash your Green Perks coupon when you check out, and you’re done. Featured offers include a 20% discount off Method home care and personal care products, as well as Jamba Juice, Quiksilver and Volcom.

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10 Eco Innovations From Around The World

Standardized Phone Chargers

Ten leading mobile phone and chip makers have agreed to develop a universal standard micro-USB phone charger for the European market. The EU expects the first generation of standard mobile phone chargers to reach the market by 2010. The new standard charger will replace the more than 30 different kinds of charger currently in use and minimize electronic waste.

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Carbon Counters

In late June, Deutsche Bank place an 67-by-32-foot electronic billboard outside Madison Square Garden, where over 500,000 people see it daily. The Carbon Counter works as a meter on human-caused climate change, monitoring the real-time, cumulative pollution humans are emitting into atmosphere via data from MIT’s Global Climate Change Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Tracking progress through measurements and transparency.

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10 Eco Innovations From Around The World

Air Purifiers

GreenAir builds on the ancient idea of purifying the indoor environment with living plants. In most cases, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. GreenAir absorbs contaminants from indoor air through the roots and leaves. A solar-powered fan lures the polluted air to the root region so that huge amount of contaminants can be gathered to purify in a shorter span of time. Designed by Sherly Gunawan at LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore.

10 Eco Innovations From Around The World

Innovative Government

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency arranged its first-ever Water Quality Video Contest to engage citizens about water pollution and protection. Encouraging creativity and educating citizens about actions that they can take to reduce their impact is vital to improving the nations water quality.

See the winners here.


From Coal To Culture

If provided with the right knowledge and insights, culture is at its best a very powerful way of communicating. Global FOCUS works with Chinese artist and filmmakers, looking at the positive impacts the creative sector will gain as we move from a coal consuming society to a culture consuming society.

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Sustainable Automobiles

The Royal College of Art in London Summer Graduate Show is serving up fresh ideas on the future of cars. The department of Vehicle Design has produced several prototypes for sustainable automobiles to be admired and to inspire and industry in great need of innovation.

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Small Luxury Cars

In the meantime, Aston Martin launches the Cygnet.  A concept that represents a creative, environmentally conscious solution, being small, yet with presence – and highly fuel efficient, now combined with the prestige of Aston Martin’s luxury brand ownership.

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Airbus and Israel Aerospace Industries is pursuing a joint venture of developing and testing environmental friendly pilot-controlled towing semi-robotic systems. Helping airplanes to taxi between the gate and runway without using their jet engines could potentially reduce CO2 emissions from 18 billion tons to 2 million tons, cut fuels costs from $8 to $2 billion and significantly reduce noise pollution.

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