Burger King Drive-Thru Test Site For Generating Roadway Energy

Burger King Drive-Thru Test Site For Generating Roadway Energy
Ebba Akerman
  • 9 july 2009

A Burger King drive-thru in Hillside, New Jersey will be the test site for a new technology taking advantage of a car’s weight to capture the kinetic energy while it is waiting. New Energy Technologies, a next-generation alternative and renewable energy developer, will field test its latest MotionPower prototype at the roadside establishment. MotionPower aims to harness the deceleration energy that is lost every time a vehicle decelerates and feed it directly to the power grid. More than 150, 000 cars drive through the Hillside Burger King annually, and if a success, the potential of installing a roadway energy capture system at intersections, toll booths, rest areas and drive-thrus could revolutionize the energy produced by 250 million vehicles traveling U.S. roads every day.

[via AutoBlogGreen]

[image via Hakan Dahlstrom]

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