Capcom’s Resident Evil Promo Tees

Capcom’s Resident Evil Promo Tees

Promotional t-shirt design transforms you into the walking dead

Sam Biddle
  • 21 july 2009

To create buzz for its forthcoming Wii title in the ever-popular zombie-splattering Resident Evil franchise, developer Capcom is bringing some much-needed innovation to the traditional promotional t-shirt. Giveaway t-shirts, particularly those tied to a video game, are often embarrassing enough to be donated to Goodwill immediately, if not relegated to the closet—perhaps only to be brought out while eating a messy plate of nachos by oneself. Capcom has, however, done something novel and very cool with its new Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles tees: emblazoned on the front is a generic-enough spooky font slogan: “LET YOUR DARKSIDE OUT”—but flipping the front of the shirt up and over one’s head reveals a zombie face, turning the wearer into a frightening, bare chested specimen of the undead. If half as much thought went into every other promotional shirt, they’d be far less the afterthought, throwaway item they are more often than not.

[via designboom]

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