Cardon Copy Gives Bland Neighborhood Fliers a Professional Redesign

Cardon Copy Gives Bland Neighborhood Fliers a Professional Redesign
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Sam Biddle
  • 10 july 2009

Yard sales, lawn services, dubious residential daycare establishments—advertisements for myriad local low-end services can be found affixed to trees, telephone poles, and walls in our neighborhoods. What most of them have in common is their indifference toward graphic design—and can they be blamed? one puts up a flier because one’s cat is missing, not as part of a RISD portfolio. If they are typed at all, they are done so without any regard for typography; Comic Sans and clip art abound, and as a result many are ignored entirely.

Cardon Copy Gives Bland Neighborhood Fliers a Professional Redesign

In steps Cardon Webb, responsible for the Cardon Copy project. Webb identifies the most banal of fliers, removes them, and then replaces them with an expertly designed replacement. In some cases the new design is visually compelling in a way that is certainly to the original printer’s advantage, while in other more ethically-gray remakes, the message seems drowned out entirely by arresting design elements. Webb himself admits that part of the project’s mission is to “over power” the flier’s message with “a new visual language.” In one clever redesign, Webb replaces a rain-smeared flier with a pixelated rendition that is just as illegible as the original.

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