Coca-Cola Vio: Skim-Milk with a Fizzy Kick

Coca-Cola Vio: Skim-Milk with a Fizzy Kick
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 28 july 2009

Like a modernized version of Strawberry Quik for the slightly more sophisticated set, Coca-Cola’s latest entrant into the beverage aisle promises a “refreshing sensory experience” and has been described by one quote-worthy copywriter as tasting “like a birthday party for a polar bear.” The so-called vibrancy drink named Vio – a blend of skim milk, sparkling water, fruit and an entire 27 grams of sugar – makes a test market run in New York City this week, retailing for $2.50 per 8 ounce bottle. The beverage comes in four flavors: peach-mango, very berry, citrus burst and tropical colada and evidently requires no refrigeration, perhaps owing to the fact that the nutrition label offers no mention of actual dairy content.

A reviewer from BevNET offers the following assessment:

The peach and mango flavors pair nicely with the base of sweetened carbonated dairy, delivering something that’s slightly reminiscent of a lassi drink. However, what starts out seeming not so sweet turns almost overwhelming by the time you are half way through the bottle. Otherwise, the combination of milk, carbonated water, sweetener, and flavor is one that is enjoyable, although probably not on a regular basis.

[via Gothamist]

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