eBay Exhibits Savvy 2009 Holiday Gift Trends in NYC

eBay Exhibits Savvy 2009 Holiday Gift Trends in NYC
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Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 30 july 2009

Yesterday PSFK attended a special event in NYC’s 57th and 5th ave shopping mecca which exhibited gift trends for 2009 based on items bought from eBay. The online retailer took the site of a former luxury retailer for a day and broke the space into four zones highlighting a specific trend in each one. eBay enlisted a team of shopping experts to dig through the site and purchase items ranging from a custom motorcycle to vintage handbags. These were then separated into the following categories:

•    “Retro Revival” – With the recession putting excess and garish spending at the forefront of everyone’s “Don’t” list, things that are reminiscent of a simpler, less complicated time are attractive to nearly everyone. Items from times past such as an 80’s bomber jacket or new takes on the classic G.I. Joe will be big hits and hot sellers.

•    “Eco Excellence” – Being eco-friendly is no longer just a choice, it’s a way of life. People on eBay are looking for both big and small ways to green their lives by incorporating everything from hybrid cars to reusable shopping bags into their lifestyle.

•    “Savvy Splurging” – Shoppers are now choosing to buy fewer, quality and multi-functional items that will last multiple seasons and have enduring value that transcends trendiness .

•    “Shop Culture” – Pop Culture is an ever-changing phenomenon, whether it’s a red carpet fashion hit, the hottest tech gadget or the current blockbuster movie. eBay is the best place to find items related to the latest “it” trend or happening AND the iconic classics from years past.



The exhibition is an interesting twist on the iconic holiday catalogs that used to be sent out before Thanksgiving. It is also interesting to see eBay up the volume on using the site as a choice for holiday shopping by promoting the value of giving gifts of nearly new or prior purchased items. Our only complaint about the nicely executed exhibition was that the public wasn’t allowed in to see it and be inspired. We’ve brought back a full gallery of photos and did our best to capture all the details.

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