Evolution of Night Lights: 3 Smart, Reactive Lights

Evolution of Night Lights: 3 Smart, Reactive Lights
Design & Architecture
Francisco Hui
  • 14 july 2009

These three examples of reactive lights got us thinking about how far night-lights have come from their humble origins as candles and tiny, single-bulb lamps plugged into wall sockets.

Motion sensor: While traditional night lights stay on all night regardless if anyone is in the room, the Philips SpotOn only turns on if motion is detected. Leaving the light off to save energy when it’s not needed.

 Evolution of Night Lights: Smart, Reactive Lights

Motion & Photo Sensors: The Datexx ZenLight LED uses photo sensors to emit a dim glow in dark settings and a bright light when motion is detected.

black and white clock 02.jpg

From Night Lights to Clocks: The Black & White Clock is a concept from Vadim Kibardin uses OLEDs to display time. Light sensors determine whether to display the time in black or white according to the time of day and available light.

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