Fujifilm’s Prototype 3-D Camera

Fujifilm’s Prototype 3-D Camera
Nicko Margolies
  • 16 july 2009

There’s something about 3-D imaging that keeps people coming back for more.  For well over a century, inventors have pursued the seemingly impossible goal to create the perfect illusion of depth through stereoscopic imaging.  Fujifilm’s latest prototype digital camera continues that tradition with a point-and-shoot equipped with two lenses.  It’s called the “FinePix Real 3D System” and Fujifilm hopes they can carve out a market share better than their current standing at 6.7% in the digital camera field by creating an entirely new market.

Fujifilm’s new 10-megapixel camera can use the two lenses to create simultaneous images of a single scene and to bypass those awkward 3-D glasses, the company also plans to release new 3-D digital picture frames and special prints with a 3-D enhancing plastic overlay.  These extras will certainly add a premium to your photos and analysts are unclear how popular those premium services will be with consumers used to cheap printing and free sharing online.  The most promising possibilities of a multi-lens camera are only hinted at in their press release, but we will certainly be listening if they can perfect a cheap ultra-wide panoramic and dual-mode shooting, as explained below:


[via Time]

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