Handheld Video Mounts for iPhone 3GS

Handheld Video Mounts for iPhone 3GS
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Nicko Margolies
  • 8 july 2009

Apple products always generate the most third-party accessories and often, some of the most bizarre.  The latest iPhone is no exception.  The addition of video in the 3GS enables video mount manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon.  First, there was the hilariously cumbersome and Frankenstein-esque shoulder-mounted video stabilizer created by the experimental folks at Pixel Corps.  The next logical step are the actual products that promise smoother video at the cost of embarrassing accessories that completely defeat the purpose of having a sleek and portable unit like an iPhone.

The Zacuto ZGrip iPhone Pro is a $300 collection of accessories that enables your precious iPhone to be stabilized with one hand.  In a promotional video, the designers promise the ability to “track your cat,” make “candid shots” and “move around items” in ways that already seemed possible without spending more than twice the cost of the phone itself.  A cheaper accessory, designed by Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement (OWLE) called the BUBO, will be available in December for around $30-$50.  This mount includes a 37mm camcorder lens and a front-facing microphone, but also begs the question, do we really need these accessories?

[via Engadget]

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