Ikea Asks You To Come Into The Closet

Ikea Asks You To Come Into The Closet
Anjali Ramachandran
  • 24 july 2009

Image Credit: Getty Images, Amy Steigbigel Photography/Flickr

There seems to be no stopping Ikea, everybody’s favorite accessible furniture brand. Bedroom Secrets wasn’t too long ago, and they’ve already come up with Come Into The Closet, where you can customize your music as you go through the site, either by uploading your own tracks or selecting from a list of songs already provided. You can then use the keys on your keyboard to make the characters on the screen move at a pace you like, simultaneously creating drum sounds. If you have a microphone, you can even clap your hands or make other sounds that can induce the characters to move. You aren’t stuck in one closet, there are a few to choose from.

Ikea Asks You To Come Into The Closet

Fun all the way, but our only concern is that the site is so engaging that it is difficult to turn our attention to Ikea’s products!

[Via Beautiful Decay]


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