Jolkona: Giving Gets Social

Jolkona: Giving Gets Social
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 29 july 2009

In an effort to build on the micro-finance model of giving popularized by Kiva, new non-profit organization Jolkona – a Bengali word meaning “drop of water” – has incorporated elements of social media – community, connectivity and sharing – into their design, a move it hopes will appeal to a younger generation of philanthropists. On the surface, the system is far from new – pick a project and give money (as little as $5) – but where most donations end, with you feeling a temporary wave of good will, Jolkona wants to continue the story and make the process more meaningful.

To that end, once you give, you’re granted access to a page where you’ll receive periodic updates on the progress being made so you can see the positive impacts that your money is having. A rather simple concept, but one that meshes well with notions of immediacy, transparency, personal connections and global community that are becoming increasingly commonplace. Instead of spending a dollar to buy someone on Facebook a “virtual” gift, it’s almost as easy to spend a little more and make a real difference in a person’s life. Sure they might be a stranger now, but with the nature of online relationships, before long they just might be a new friend.

[via Springwise]

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