Kyle J. Ferguson’s Eco-Friendly Helmet For Lacoste

Kyle J. Ferguson’s Eco-Friendly Helmet For Lacoste
Design & Architecture
Laura Feinstein
  • 29 july 2009

Did you ever wonder what kind of head covering Kanye West would wear on a nice bike ride in the country? Well, if you had, it would probably look something like industrial designer Kyle J. Ferguson’s new collaboration with Lacoste on an eco-conscious bike helmet. The helmet, which is made from sustainable materials (but spares none of Lacoste’s lux-preppy trademark look) is comprised of organic wool, thermoformed bio-plastic, low-density cork and soy-based foam.

By way of comes a very detailed graph of what make’s up Ferguson’s creation:

Kyle J. Ferguson's Eco-Friendly Helmet For Lacoste

As you can see, the helmet is not just fashionable, but has many layers of protection built in for the wearer, in addition to a breathable herringbone outer layer. While it doesn’t say on the site where the helmet will be available, you can email the artist at his website for more information.

[via Treehugger]

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