The release of the iPhone 3GS, now capable of shooting decent 30 frames per second video, has lead to an explosion of video content—according to YouTube, a 400% increase per day since it launched. But also according to YouTube, many of the videos have been of the Well, let's just test this out… variety, with uploads such as “At grandpa's house,” “At a wedding,” and “squashing a can.” Not exactly riveting cinema. But already, creative minds such as the filmmakers at Showdown Productions LLC, a small Ohio group, have put the new tech to good use. The Showdown team recently completed work on a music video shot entirely on an iPhone 3GS, using an improvised steadycam rig. While the non-traditional equipment had its foibles, such as battery life and awkward aut0-exposure adjustment, the team praised the iPhone's small footprint and lightness, which they say allowed for a flexible filming experience, as well as easy editing with a laptop in tow. The full video can be viewed below.

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