New Fabric Made From Coffee Grounds

New Fabric Made From Coffee Grounds
Laura Feinstein
  • 9 july 2009

While it’s popular cousin the soybean may hog most of the spotlight, the multi-purposefulness of the coffee ground is nothing to scoff at. In addition to providing us with a refreshing beverage, and occasionally biofuel, a company in Taiwan has recently turned our caffeinated friend into a “super high-tech eco fabric.” The process, which was created by Singtex Industrial Co. and took three years to perfect, is boasted to produce two shirts from the amount of coffee grounds needed to make “one medium cup of coffee”. The fabric is also rumored to be “quick-drying, odor controlling,  and uv-protective.”

To give the line even more eco- cred the material, which goes by the name of S.Cafe, is completely organic and “does not use any chemicals” and is free from “harmful materials commonly found in other yarns.” Even it’s production methods are environmentally sound- by going without high temperature carbonization, it’s fuel consumption is then lowered, causing it to use less resources.

For those skeptical about this wonderfabric, please visit the Singtex company website to learn more about S.Cafe.

+Environmental / Green

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