PSFK Review: New York (Capsule) Show

PSFK Review: New York (Capsule) Show
Laura Feinstein
  • 24 july 2009

Another interesting brand joining ranks in the new brigade of traditional menswear is Norsea, a sea and nautical themed line from “the rocky and remote coast of Northern England”. This brand exemplifies heritage in that they are so committed to quality and workmanship that they commission a 70-something local artist known in the region for his delicate renderings of indigenous plants and animals to illustrate their lookbook. Little is known about this artist except that  one of his children works as a local biologist, which has inspired much of his art and Norsea’s brand identity. The clothes themselves are everything you’d expect from a company so committed to detail- clean crispy lines, fabrics in tranquil shades of blue, beige, grey and white, and pants and shorts fit to be called “boat-chic apparel”. The result is so authentic that one almost feels like they are breathing in the salty air off of a British sea vessel.

Conversely, another brand that is pursuing traditional mens fashion has chosen to do so using another medium- the iconic pair of jeans. April 77, known as much for their rockstar image and clientele as for their apparel, was also at (capsule) capturing the aura of rugged individuality, rebellion, and idealism that has so escaped other Jeans brands. The company, which is also a record label based in France, has  created perhaps one of the most innovative clothing tags on the market- each article being sold with a record-shaped label, which when scratched off reveals a barcode. When you go to the April 77 Records website you are able to download the single of the month from the label’s archives. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the website for information on other new and interesting acts signed by April 77, who also DJed a shindig on the LES in honor of (capsule) Tuesday night.

One  brand that’s also taking denim to new heights is Naked & Famous, who boasted the world’s heaviest pair of denim jeans- which is a whopping 24 oz per square yard and is currently only available in limited edition.

PSFK Review: New York (Capsule) Show

Another line which  elicited oohs and aahs from the (capsule) crowd was Euro-casual mega brand camper, whose recent eco- friendly collaboration with Bernhard Willhelm was on display along with other innovations from the footwear giant. The collaboration with Willhelm, shown below, is made with recycled fibers & tired treed soles as well as “refurbished” leather and wood. The result is something more avante guard than crunchy, and certainly a pair of shoes worth taking a look at if you have the chance.

PSFK Review: New York (Capsule) Show

While I’ll be writing a little more about the event in the coming week be sure to stay tuned about what the innovative team at (capsule) has planned next on their website here.

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