Re-vive Legs Turn Any Surface Into a Table

Re-vive Legs Turn Any Surface Into a Table
Design & Architecture
Sam Biddle
  • 29 july 2009

The Re-vive Table Legs, created by UK design firm Cohda, offer a way to reclaim discarded materials and offer more functional flexibility than many traditional, non-sustainable solutions. The product consists of four patented, vice-like clamps that secure legs to any flat, rigid surface, converting that old piece of plywood in the garage or beautiful oak door found in the alley into a new table suitable for any use. If use dictates new needs, the legs can simply be removed—without any tools—and reattached to any other surface. It’s a wonderfully intuitive solution and a beautiful way to make new objects from old. Cohda already has a gallery up for Re-vive owners to share their reclaimed table ideas.

[notcot, via Nook]

+Environmental / Green
+Home & Garden

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