Reeve Rocks Aims at Young Philanthropy

Reeve Rocks Aims at Young Philanthropy
Arts & Culture
Sam Biddle
  • 23 july 2009

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, at the forefront of philanthropy toward the benefit of spinal injury research, is facing an image problem, as their namesake founders no longer carry the same cultural currency with an increasingly younger crowd interested in good causes.

To combat the threat, though still on the horizon, of diminished generational relevance for an affliction that pays no attention to generational boundaries, the Reeve Foundation is aiming to convert itself from a face to a mission; the cause itself must take precedence over the famous name attached to it. Hoping to boost awareness accordingly, the foundation is preparing the ‘Reeve Rocks‘ concert, an event organizer Torsten Gross, (who is producing the performance in conjunction with the Reeves’ son Matthew) describes as “a true concert for the concert’s sake.” Their hope is that by allowing a younger, concerned audience to make a difference with a worthy cause at a low price point (the cost of a single ticket), Reeve Rocks will leave concertgoers both entertained and empowered.

The event will take place next week, on July 28th at Le Poisson Rouge in New York, featuring the Jamie McLean Band, Edison, and Jesse Ruben.

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