Organic Rooftop Urban Farm Overlooks Manhattan

Organic Rooftop Urban Farm Overlooks Manhattan
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Ebba Akerman
  • 13 july 2009

Rooftop Farms is a 6,000 square foot organic vegetable farm in an industrial area of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As surreal as it may seem, it is just in line with the growing population of urban hippies, somehow largely concentrated in the borough of Brooklyn.

New York Magazine describes the background as follows;

“Rooftop Farms got started in December 2008, with Chris and Lisa Goode, who run Goode Green, a green-roof business, with their partner, Amy Trachtman. They approached Gina Argento, who owns several Greenpoint warehouses, with the idea of farming her rooftops. In the meantime, the Goodes had met Ben Flanner, a former E*Trade marketer turned would-be farmer, who’d heard of Goode Green and was keen on starting an urban-farm business; Flanner brought in Annie Novak, who works at the New York Botanical Garden, for her hands-on planting expertise.”

Once determining that the roof was sufficiently stable and weight bearing, it was covered in 200,000 pounds of soil consisting of compost and lightweight shale. Planting and harvesting is a continuous activity supervised by Miss Novak and with open house lectures and volunteer days. Like many other enterprises in Brooklyn, the idea is much about the community. The local restaurants Marlow & Sons, Anella and Vesta Trattoria are all buying their produce from the farm, and anyone else can get the opportunity at the weekly Sunday farm market.

Rooftop Farming: 6,000 Square Foot Organic Vegetable Farm Overlooks Manhattan

[via: New York Magazine: “This is a Roof”]

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